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Poker etiquette

The following actions are improper, and grounds for warning, suspending, or barraing a violator:

1. Deliberately acting out of turn

2. Deliberately splashing chips into the pot

3. Agreeing to check a hand out when a theird player is all-in

4. Reading a hand for another player at the showdown before it has been placed face up on the table

5. Telling anyone to turn a hand faceup at the showdown

6. Revealing the contents of a live hand in a multihanded pot before the betting is complete. Do not divulge the contents of a hand during a deal even to someone not in the pot, so you do not leave any possibility of the information being transmitted to an active player

7. Needlessly stalling the action of the game

8. Deliberately discarding hands away from the muck. Cards should be released in a low line of flight, at a moderate rate of speed (not at the Dealers hands or chip-rack)

9. Stacking chips in a manner that interferes with dealing or viewing cards

10. Making statements or taking action that could unfairly influence the course of play, whether or not the offender is involved in the pot