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Players Guide

Casino Marienlyst – the Casino of Opportunity

We all dream of the big prize. Casino Marienlyst offers big chances to win – and also to have an exciting evening filled with experiences.

Casino Marienlyst is the oldest casino in Denmark. In 1902, Crown Prince Frederik granted Marienlyst permission to open the first casino in Denmark. Back then, the game was traditional horse racing. Today Casino Marienlyst offers a wide selection of the classic casino games, like Black Jack, American Roulette, Texas Hold'em, Omaha and many slotmachines with big chances of winning.

Casino Marienlyst, one of the most beautiful in Northern Europe, has everything: a magnificent view overlooking the waters of Øresund from the six Poker tables, beautiful interiors and very friendly service from our well-trained staff. In addition, there are many captivating games to choose from. If you wish to organise an unforgettable casino experience for friends or clients, we will gladly open the casino outside normal opening hours and organise a casino seminar with practice games.

Casino floor

In all large international casinos like Casino Marienlyst, many international expressions are used at the playing tables. "Place your bets, please" from American Roulette, is probably the most common, but the Black Jack and Poker tables also have their own international jargon.

This is meticulously described in the Player's Guide under each game, and the terminology takes only a few minutes to learn.

In accordance with Casino Marienlyst's official status, all tables, cards, chips and roulette wheels are managed with great care and are subject to regular inspection by the public authorities as well as by Casino Marienlyst's own inspection teams.

The absolute minimum and maximum may vary during the opening hours and may differ from the minimum and maximum bets at other tables, but will always be clearly marked.

Most casino guests personally decide how much they will wager, how many games they participate in and how frequently they wish to visit the casino. But if you want us to assist you by inserting a limit on the number and frequency of casino visits, for example, please contact the casino management who will help you in this regard.

Cashier's Cage

You find the Cashier's Cage just before you enter the Casino Floor. Here you can buy the cash chips you need for gambling. Cash chips may be used on all games. For American Roulette, you can also buy colour chips (the colour of your choice) at the roulette table itself.

And if you run out of chips in the middle of a game and do not wish to stop playing, you can also buy additional chips at the tables. To do so, however, you must have the exact amount ready, since the dealer does not give change. Remember to place the money on the table and not in the dealer's hand, just as the dealer will place the desired number of chips on the table and not in your hand. This procedure prevents misunderstandings.

All slotmachines accept danish bills, but smaller amounts of coins may be purchased in the Cashier's Cage.

Foreign currency is only handeled in the Cashier's Cage. When changing foreign currency you will recieve a reciept that alows you to buy your currency back at the buy-rate. Please be advised that such transactions must be performed no later than 03:45.



Each playing table has one or more dealers, whose job is to ensure that the game's rules are closely followed, to keep an eye on bets and to pay the winnings. If you have any questions about the game, you are welcome to ask the dealer, of course, who will gladly help you and otherwise do anything he can to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Therefore, it is customary - in accordance with the practice at all major international casinos - that the winner gives the dealer a token of appreciation for his work. In roulette, for example, if a player's number comes up and the payoff is 35 to 1 - he tips the dealer with an amount equal to his original bet.

Each table has a slot, called a tronc, where the dealer inserts the tips. All staff members, including receptionists and technical staff members, are paid out of the tronc.